Tea Party #17 ~ Poetry

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Fob | Ching-In Chen

Fob 1. to trick or put off (a person) with second-rate articles, lies, excuses, etc.  I knew it was a bad word by the way Jenny hurled it, hitting me full in the face.  Mrs. Washington told me to look it up.  I told her it meant: a small pocket in the front of a pair of trousers, for carrying a watch, etc; watch pocket; or a short ribbon or chain attached to a watch and hanging out of such a pocket.  She couldn’t prove me wrong.  It said so on p. 547.

2. to get rid of (something worthless) by deceit or trickery; palm off. 
Kathy with the red ribbon whose back was my landscape every morning said hello to me in Mr. Hall’s class.  She asked me many questions, the word for ‘hello,’ how to say ‘pretty,’ ‘ egg,’ ‘duck,’ ‘good morning.’  Kathy did not talk to me if Courtney, Amanda, Jenny, and Keisha; if Arthur, Jeff, Winston.  I told her ‘ugly’ for ‘pretty,’ ‘quail’ for ‘duck,’ ‘shut up’ instead of ‘good morning.’  I told her that her Chinese name was ku li*.   

3.  free on board   4. foreign body